I better be honest as this review is a bit of (oh well it is) a biased one. This is by far the best investment I had with internet marketing. It’s called the Ministry of Freedom (MOF) because it is geared towards giving its students financial freedom and take you out from the 9 to 5 routine. Hats off to Jono Armstrong for his generous work of art, sharing gold nuggets, and more precious gems on how one can succeed in the online world like he is, day in and day out. MOF is 9-week in-depth training and mentorship program where Jono shows you step by step, yes, you read it right, step by step that even if you haven’t done this before, and with zero skills, you can just literally copy him and follow through.

I must say, this program was created with newbies in mind, that’s why I joined the program myself. Extensive training but easy to comprehend; you can replay the videos as many times as you need. There may be terms or technicalities that will appear new to you but hey they have a great support team that can help you 24/7, not to mention, the active MOF Facebook group too.

The training is divided week by week to avoid information overload especially if you are a beginner. Learn at your own pace, write notes from time to time as you go along for this will be helpful for you in your own journey.

The program costs $1497 but you also have the option to pay in 2 payments of $897. While inside the program, you will need an autoresponder service, which is essential while you are building your list and specifically Getresponse (better option) because that’s what Jono uses; domain and hosting, and if you want paying for traffic that’s another thing to get prepared for. Jono recommends, however, from $1000 to 1500 to start or more if you want paid advertising but you will get back if not all but most of your investment back in no time. Personally, if you choose launch jacking (free traffic method) that’s a good option too then try the paid one later on or launch your own digital product to sell- – which Jono will teach you as well inside MOF.
Okay, now, if you choose to enroll in this program, you’re covered with a 30-day action-based guarantee. Jono will refund you so long as you did your part, go through the training, did what you are supposed to do and no results. To me, this is very unlikely because Jono, the generous man behind MOF, will personally send you sales especially if you’re launch jacking, where you make product reviews on YouTube. He will use your link and promote it to his own audience. That’s what you call free money, my friend. Hahaa.

How much you earn each day, week or month depends on how much time and effort you put into it. To be honest, it varies with everyone although some students of MOF got back their investment in their first week. Crazy, but omg it’s true. Some of them were actually their first dollars earned online. If you want to experience the same, purchase the program. I call this by another name too, the feeding program. Haha… Jono spoon feeds everyone in the class. We, the students are just so lucky. We are learning from a 7-figure earner, one of the best affiliate marketers today. I remember what he said, money loves speed, not perfection. So, if you take action now, you will get the results like most of us are getting inside the program.

Stop procrastination. If you’re tired going in circles, let me, or Jono help you as he did with the rest of us. Think of this as your business, give your best effort, time and results will come. Like any other business, your commitment is vital to your success but what makes it even better, no more trial and error and guesswork. MOF will show you what clearly works from what is not, proven by Jono himself who is earning $100,000 each month easily.

Okay, let’s go to the best part now. If you decide to avail of this program through my link below, you will also get my very irresistible and epic bonuses. Yes, I will give it to you ALL for free, just by taking action.

Any questions, contact me through my email, miracle@miraclebailey.com


See you in the inside 😊

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